Why You Should Use a Proxy For Free Iptv M3u

Certainly you heard before about the word proxy ? it started to be increansily a very popular tool in the world for many reasons.

People who are using daily free iptv m3u to watch Tv content should use this proxy ,this very important tool to protect themeselves on the internet .

Definition Of The Proxy

actually a proxy is an agent legally authorized to act on behalf of an other party . so when it acts it does not use the user’s private ip address but it uses its own ip address such as a vpn too.

Why Using a Proxy For Free Iptv M3u?

Now you know already what is a proxy and how it works.While getting free iptv m3u lists for Tv content from iptv free services of even from legal services providers,it is very important to hide your ip address from internet providers first ,as well from hackers and any spy too.

Using a proxy server will protect your privacy so no one able to know or even get an idea about what you are watching as content even if its XXX Movies ,second you protect all your private Ip address  to be hacked .

Using a proxy it means you visit web sites ,or even you Buy iptv subscriptions , you watch any content anonymously,which means without identification of the source ,without the ip address of the user who has done a particular thing being known or made public,so in such as case all user’s request on the internet will be made anonymously under the proxy protection.

The proxy encrypt all user’s browsing to avoid any kind of risk of hacking the ip address to get more about the user.

change your Geographical Position

The biggest advantag of using a proxy is the ability to change the user’s geographical position for example if the user is settled in the Uk or France its easy to connect from the Usa by just a simple click on the proxy by choosing any ip address from the list of the Usa .

Just to make it easy once user uses a proxy so he would get the following benefits :

  1. Your IP Address Is in fact really Hidden. One of the best proxy server advantages – by using a proxy, the website you access will never know your ip address
  2. You Can Access any Geo-Blocked or Restricted Content worldwide  whatever it is . Unfortunately, a lot of online content is actually hidden behind restrictions but proxy able bypass these restrictions.
  3. Load Times Might Be Reduced. This is tied to the fact that proxy servers can cache data.actually proxy makes your internet faster than before.
proxy hide ip during using free iptv m3u

How Anonymous Are The Proxies?

If the proxy by nature offers the anonymity just to put in mind not all proxies offers 100% of anonymity. there 3 kinds of proxies : 

1- Transparent Proxy: this kind does not offer any protection and the user’s privacy is always under danger.

2- anonymous Proxy : this kind called distorting proxy ,this type never reveal the user’s ip address .

3- Elite Proxy : this type is the best it hides the user’s ip address so no web site able to know the user’s ip address. The elite proxy is the best which used by experts worldwide.it offers the complete protection to any user use it in the world.


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