How to Use Vlc Media Player : Ultimate guide For Biginners

How To Use Vlc Media Player : Ultimate Guide For Biginners

Using the Vlc media player does not need a big effort just follow the following guide and start using the free application Vlc media player to listen to your audio files or watch your video files in the easiest way.

What Is Vlc Media Player?

The Vlc media player is an application can be downloaded directly from Google store or apple store and installed on any system : windows – Mac -Android or Ios . The Vlc has features to read audio files , video Files and M3u format files.


The vlc media player is the most popular open source media player .Vlc is available for desktop , Laptop , Pc ,Mobile and most of operating systems.

how to use vlc media player

1- Download and Install

To get access to download vlc media player on your computer ,you need to go straight to the official site of the Vlc media player, but for mobiles its obvious the application can be found on Google store and aplle store.Actually once the vlc is downloaded so its ready to work because it does not require at all to do any changes.

2- Load and Open Files

Once you load your files : M3u format from this service ,audio,video on any of your devices just go straight to menu in the top bar ,select open to get your file working.Or point on your file and choose among your programs or application which you use to open the file ,of course in this case you choose vlc media player.

This option of the menu in the top bar ,lead you directly to a window when you will be able to open any file of your choice.You have all controls features on  down on the buttom  of the vlc,s screen ,you can play ,pause ,add volume or ………..

3- How to Handle and Manipulate Editing Choice

– Adjust Audio : The vlc contains simple controls to adjust audio just select audio equalizer button to achieve the sound you need.

– synchronize the audio and video : The section synchronization is used to solve any problem about a video with its audio if its not well synchronized with the video.

– Add Subtitles : Vlc allows users to add subtitles to the video using the feature option synchronization .

– Change Viewing Options : Vlc has option of window and fullscreen .Users can switch easily btween both using the menu.Also it is possible to play the video on the laptop or desktop as wallpaper by using the option wallpaper on the menu.

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