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When we are bored or don’t know what to do at home, many of us will turn on the TV and watch TV channels. But why are most people around the world watching TV channels? How many people like watching TV shows? How about foreigners watching TV? What about the age group for watching TV? I hope the infographic below will help you find answers to the questions above.

Research showed that people around the world like watching TV. They have a big screen in living room and in their bedrooms.

Due to various reasons, the TV channels have gained millions of fans and many of us watch several TV channels. We can watch all the popular shows, we can see many legendary actors performing on TV, we can hear hit songs and tracks that are in trend, etc. People watch different shows and genres because they want to entertain themselves by watching some quality stuff.

it is recorded that 65 per cent of americans like turn on tv at least once a day, and viewership frequency is higher than population density. the number of dubai residents watching the first episode of the final season of game of thrones doubled compared to that for the last season finale episode.

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You prefer watching movies over reading books? So, do people around the world. We watch people talking about things that are easy to understand and simple to interpret. The television industry has evolved into a collective of powerful mediums for entertainment despite a few differences across borders. It provides news, current affairs, sports, music videos, comedy shows and even reality shows which are used as tools for social change in some countries.

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Why do people enjoy watching TV programs? Why TV is so popular? What’s the reason of peoples’ addiction towards TV?

For many people online, the first thing that comes to mind when the word Nigeria is mentioned is scams and spam. But there are a lot of positive aspects about Nigeria that make it such a great country.Documentaries ,series can easily change the bad ideas to good ideas about any country through its Tv channels.This is the Media.Tv is the largest media worldwide.

I know you love watching your favorite shows, but have you ever stopped to think why TV shows and movies are so popular around the world? more often than not is “why do we watch TV?”. And that answer is simple. We watch TV to be entertained.simply entaining is very important for human being .

In Fact watching Tv channels daily has many benefits.

The benefits of tv worldwide  such as watching movies,sports and many others.

people in the UK watch as many as more than 2 hours  a day . They watch Movies, Sports, News and TV series on your Tablet, Mobile or PC.

Actually the Tv is watched worldwide.this is the reason why a huge number are looking for free iptv m3u on the internet.People worldwide love improving their life,s style thats why the watch other people life,s style through Tv channels.

other side no a days all contents moved over the internet towards video ,people love to watch a video about any kind of content rather than reading a book or a newspaper.

This phenomenen had also a huge impact worldwide on the IPTV technonlogy,it drove to the growth for the internet protocol television Market in all the world.


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