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We spoke before about new perspective to Europe Tv channels.For the first time since 2020 people in Europe watch more and more Tv than people in the european now a days spent around average of 2 hours 54 minutes per day watching Tv.

The Uk is considered the most advanced country where prople watch a lot Tv channels in all Europe.Actually Uk is not number one watching Tv in Europe but in all the world.Around 70% British watching Tv daily on multiple way using screen Tv ,mobile ,iphone or tablet.

The reason that European watch more and more Tv is to learn some thing new , to have an idea about other cultures ,watching new movies and stories to get more cultivated,and the most important reason is loneleness.


European TV Channels Abroad

Europe Tv channels are not watched only in europe but also abroad too.The reasons why also many people from Asia ,Africa and even third world country like European Tv channels?

most common reasons are :

1- Learn languages such as English ,spanish,German , French through movies , series,documentaries.

2-Get ideas about the european developpement and technology .

3- getting a bit out of their local life especially if its bad in all areas : economy,social…..